The championships in Kazan has certainly been an exciting meet, and for many reasons.

Sweden’s Sarah Sjöström kick-started the meet by completely smashing Dana Vollmer’s previous WR in the 100M fly – not only once, but twice. You can tell on her swimming that she has become much stronger. We know that one part of her dryland training is highly influenced by how diver train for additional core and power work – not a bad idea for her.  

IMG 0272

Young Americans Katie Ledecky and Missy Franklin are keeping the Americans proud by meeting up to their expectations. Ledecky not only meeting exectations, but exceeding them as well. She is now officially the queen of mid- and distance freestyle: meet record the first day in the 400M 3.59.13, WR in the 1500M 15.27.71, and coming our victorious over Franklin and Pellegrini in the 200M, 1.55.16 today, which was an absolute crazy race! Katie shows that pure strength sometimes can be overweight with smart training that can cover energy system and muscle fiber use ranging from 200M, a sub 2-minute race to 1500M, a 15½-minute race.  

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It wasn’t a surprise that Adam Peaty would win the 100Mm although it was a close race, but him shattering the record in the 50M as well is astonishing – first male to ever win the 50 and 100 at the same Championship. Sources tell us that Peaty started lifting weights at the age of fifteen, which might answer why American sprinting is falling short in the sprint events at the World Championships, especially in the non-Olympic events. However, this guy is unique. His career as a swimmer has excelled quickly. He will be going in to Rio one year from now, energetic and hungry – can Cameron catch up to this youngster?  

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The Iron Lady, Katinka Hosszu broke her first long course WR in the 200M medley with 2.06.12. I think it is fair to say that Katinka might be the strongest female swimmer, strength-to-body weight-ratio. Her incredible ability to reproduce power has shown us in the past of what abilities she carries. No doubt she deserved this title WR – we look forward to the 400M medley!  These, to name a few.

IMG 0290

In addition, Lazlo Cseh becomes first time 200M fly champion and shows great versatility in energy system usage getting on the podium for the 50M fly as well – well done! Manaudou takes the title in the 50M fly, will he win the 50M free and become the sprint king like this past Christmas? The American men continue to be anonymous without Phelps’s presence, is a generation shift needed? To top it off, we probably have the most versatile group of male nationalities in the 100M freestyle:

  • Australia
  • China
  • Argentina
  • Belgium
  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • Canada

The top gun from all countries made it in to the final, and so competition has been born around the world. 2 from Europe, 2 from North America, 2 from South America, 1 Australian and 1 Chinese – what a final it will be!

We are halfway through the 2015 FINA World Championships in Kazan and are looking forward to second half!

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