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VIRTUAL COACHING Archives - Swimmer Strength
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Optimize your body to your fullest capacity to out-swim the competition.

We will transform you to attain your fullest potential by optimizing strength and power, while reducing injuries.

What are you getting?

You will receive a personalized strength training program in the palm of your hand

This is a unique coaching experience that will be 100% tailored to your swimming goals.

Increase your enjoyment in the sport, and fulfill your athletic goals.

Whether that is to make it to college, be a State Champion, swimming Olympic trials, breaking a WR, or to never be in pain again – we customize the training to your needs and equipment availability.

Why wait for a disappointing season before receiving the best training to save your swimming career?

  • Increased strength and power 
  • Reduced injuries
  • Increased confidence 
  • Unique goal-oriented experience
  • Faster swimming 

Based on your age, training experience and training equipment available, we tailor programs to fit each swimmer. 

We coach:

The age-group swimmers who are finding ways to explore their bodies and become more mindful, while learning the utmost fundamentals of strength training.

The high-school and pre-high-school swimmers also need to become more mindful and aware of movement quality, and further need to take injury reduction and recovery seriously.

The masters swimmers who are looking for longevity and durability. We want you to swim pain free for another few years, and if you are looking to compete and still perform at a high level, we will help you navigate through the process to obtain your goals.

The semi-pro and pro-swimmers who have worked hard to climb in the ranks and are looking to find the best strength programs, based on the training type that fits you and your development. 

Why wait until you are injured to start taking serious action towards your health?

Why us?
  • The only platform in the world to collectively bring you the most reliable training approach, valuable blog- and video content, and the most essential training gear to get started to build strength and confidence while reducing injuries.
  • Assisted to 2 World Championship gold medals
  • Multiple first time State Championship products 
  • 7+ years of experience strength coaching swimmers

Are you ready to take real action?

100% Money Back Guarantee* up to 2 weeks

Our team is rapidly growing around the world – only a few spots remain open before we close down our team roster. 

Take advantage to be part of our global team today and receive 50% off your first month!

This is a once in a lifetime experience to help you reach your true potential in the water.

Your goals have waited enough. 

Become a professional athlete today – it’s a choice and consistently dedicated hard work. 

Take your marks…

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