Enjoying Fitness

Now more than ever, enjoyment in our fitness and exercise routines will be key in our long-term swimming performance success. This may be a golden opportunity for swimmers who have been limited to work on their weaknesses. 

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This week is a body weight dryland workout where you need zero equipment; just a soft pad for knee, elevation for stretch, push-up and glute raise, and plates for the heels to regress squats.

Strength is on the agenda. Strength is our ability to generate and resist force. We are emphasizing holds, know as isometric muscular contractions. This is a great way of building a base strength using our body weight alone. We tend to overlook the fact that we build strength by holding, carrying, and lifting weights, but we tend to focus on on the lifting portion. 

This Workout, You Will:

  • Increase joint function and range of motion for swimmers.

  • Increase lower and upper body strength for swimmers.

  • Develop a great swimmer core.

  • Learn something new about yourself.

Please follow along here:


There is increased evidence to support that prescribing intensity based on Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) is valuable because it allows the athlete to self-regulate and be more in tuned with he or she is able to manage with proper exercise technique. That is why you will not find me say, let’s do 3×10 Squats; rather, 3×8 RPE – because I can get over 50 repetitions in, whereas a youth swimmer may only get 15. But the key will always be to remain perfect technique. 

Key Pointers

  • When we do the Push-Ups and Squats: think “Negative Reps.” As in, attempt to be little slower on the way down that you are on the way up.
  • Move with as perfect technique as you can.
  • Be mindful of how the body is feeling to be happy with what we can tolerate.
  • Choose appropriate regressions/progressions.
  • ENJOY!



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Stay healthy. Stay strong,

Coach Deniz Hekmati