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If you have ever felt tense in your back or your neck, then this tool is an absolute must for you. It is the cheapest and most effect physical therapy tool for your spine. Improve your posture and reduce daily pain by loosening and activating deeper muscles that have been inactive for too long.

This Silicone Peanut Ball will become your next best friend and help solve most of your pain problems. Before practice, sit and roll on it while engaging your muscles to get the most effectiveness of this incredible tool. Feel more fresh the next day so you can swim harder and with less pain with our sturdy Peanut Ball.

  • MANGE INJRY: Muscles tense up and turn in to knots that hinder their function – smash your muscles to desensitize and loosen them.
  • PREPARE MUSCLES: The brain will perceive the specific area as a target point to send more signals there to help the muscles function better during workouts.
  • CONVENIENT: Fits in any back pack and conveniently travels with you to meets, practices and camps.
  • FOR ALL ATHLETES: Perfect before swimming and lifting and after practice before bedtime.
  • SIZE: 6.5×6.5cm, 12×6.5cm

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