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Swimmers use bands all the time to take care of their shoulders, but which bands are most effective and versatile? The answer is the Superband.

This Red Superband has the most universal resistance in the market and suitable for most swimmers that is being introduced to strength- and dryland training. From stretching to stability, there are hundreds of movements that can be performed with this band. Get your own supplemental physical therapy and performance band to strengthen the entire body while reducing risk of getting injured.

  • MANGE INJRY: With this band, you can do all of your classical shoulder and hip exercises together with much more.
  • PREPARE MUSCLES: This is an excellent prep tool for moderate to advanced swimmers before practices.
  • CONVENIENT: Fits in any back pack and conveniently travels with you to meets, practices and camps.
  • FOR ALL ATHLETES: Perfect before swimming and lifting and after practice.
  • RESISTANCE: 4.5-16kg / 10-35lbs
  • SIZE: 208×1.3×0.48cm

Support our small business and get your own Swimmer Strength branded Superband!


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