We feature free videos with swimmer relevant exercises in fun ways. This is our way of bringing you the latest research in innovative ways – enjoy.


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The Best Pre-Swim Warm-Up You’ve Ever Done

Come to a Strength Training Camp in ARIZONA

3 gyms, 1 pool, Day of Episode – Part 1

Swimmer Strength

Introduction to Swimmer Strength

7 Exercises to Prevent Shoulder Injuries 

SB Wall Circles

TRX Squat Jump

TRX Tricep Extension

SB Inverted Row w/Hamstring Curl

2019 USMS Nationals with Olympians

3 gyms, 1 pool, Day of Episode – Part 2

About | Swimmer Strength

Swim Relevant MB Slam Variations

University of Utah Swim 2014-2015 Dryland

TRX 1L Squat

1A DB Press on Bosu

DB French Press on Bosu

1A KB Shoulder Press on Bosu

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