Personalized & Swim-Specific
Strength Programs

Optimize Your Body To Your Fullest
Capacity And Outswim The Competition

Online Training – Virtual Coaching – Is The New And Exciting Way To Offer You World Class Strength Training That Will Make Your Swimming Faster, Without Getting Injured Or Getting Bored, And In A More Cost-Effective Way Than In-Personal Training

Our Training Will Transform You To Attain Your Fullest Potential By Optimizing Strength And Power, While Reducing Injuries.

This Is A Unique Training Experience That Is 100% Tailored To Your Swimming Goals


This Training Is For The Dedicated Swimmer Or Team Who Is Ready To Take Ownership Of Their Training And Results.

It Is Not For The Swimmer Looking For A Quick Fix And Immediate Results.

It Is For The Mentally Tough Swimmers Who Holds Themselves Accountable.

It Is For The Swimmer With High Aspirations Of Becoming Great.


Based on your age, training experience and available training equipment – we tailor programs to fit each swimmer.

  1. Fill Out The Application 
  2. Jump On Your 1st Performance Talk
  3. Receive Your Personalized Workouts In Your Smartphone or Tablet
  4. Get Training
  5. Crush Your Competition


Explore New Ways To Practice With Less Pain
And Swim Faster Than Ever

Why wait for another disappointing season before receiving the best training to save your swimming career?

Explore New Ways To Practice With Less Pain
And Swim Faster Than Ever!

The App Includes:

  • Videos of how to perform exercises
  • Number of sets and repetitions to be done
  • Rest time between working sets
  • Tracking key performance indicators, such as body weight and testing numbers
  • A performance log that helps score your soreness, stress, sleep and diet.

*starts at $250/mo

Strength & Dryland Training Has Never Been This Fun And Interacting Using Technology, Sport Science And Real Human Interactions To Give You The Best Possible Formula For Success!

Increase Your Enjoyment In The Sport, And Fulfill Your Athletic Goals Today!

Whether that is to make it to college,
be a State Champion,
swimming Olympic trials,
breaking a WR,
or to never be in pain again

we customize the training to your experience, needs and equipment availability.


  • The age-group swimmers who are finding ways to explore their bodies and become more mindful, while learning the utmost fundamentals of strength training.
  • The high-school and pre-high-school swimmers also need to become more mindful and aware of movement quality, and further need to take injury reduction and recovery seriously.
  • The masters swimmers who are looking for longevity and durability. We want you to swim pain free for another few years, and if you are looking to compete and still perform at a high level, we will help you navigate through the process to obtain your goals.
  • The semi-pro and pro-swimmers who have worked hard to climb in the ranks and are looking to find the best strength programs, based on the training type that fits you and your development. 


  • Our coaching is modern and passionate.
  • Our training brings real results. 
  • We are the only company in the world to collectively bring you the most reliable training approach, blog- and video content, and the most essential training gear to get started to build strength while reducing injuries.
  • We assisted swimmers to both win 2 World Championship gold medals and qualify for the first time.
  • We have helped and guided multiple swimmers to be first time State Champions. 
  • We have over 7 years of experience strength coaching swimmers.
  • We were awarded “Top 50 Healthcare Company” in 2020 by the IFAH.
  • We love swimming and high-performance!

Are you ready to take real action?

Over the past few years, we have fine-tuned our programs and witnessed incredible success with our swimmers and clubs who get personalized training based on what they need.

Our new and effective training designs are now open for another season of applicants who seek faster swimming.

We are looking for 3-4 more swimmers or teams looking to take their training to the next level, get stronger and more powerful, and who are accountable with their training and results.

We are looking for swimmers and teams
who want to:

Get stronger, and to find out how strong they truly can become.

Be done with injuries and manage them better in the future.

Build confidence in yourself through a commitment to high-performance training

Swim-Specific Strength & Dryland Training That Unlocks Your True Potential

Take Your Marks…


What Others Experience

Both of my sons have worked with Deniz and have had a lot of success and I think it’s very simple to describe why that success has transpired. It starts from the beginning. Deniz takes time to understand where your swimmer is in their career and what their goals and weaknesses are, then applies his principles of strength, mobility, and injury prevention to their training regimens. Deniz’s own experience in division I collegiate swimming helps him understand and relate to the sport. He has the ability to work with anybody because he takes time to understand where the swimmers are and how to attain their goals.

Our experience with Swimmer Strength has changed my son’s life. We came to him because of a shoulder injury. That injury is completely gone, but now he’s getting even stronger. Not just stronger physically, but stronger mentally and emotionally. Deniz has really helped him find his strength and find his voice. And now, he gets to coach him in the pool too - a complete life changer!

I have loved Swimmer Strength for my 15-year old daughter! Training with Swimmer Strength has made her stronger in all of her different strokes. Deniz is amazing in finding exercises to strengthen areas where she is weak to help her swim faster. I have also loved the mental strength that he has helped her get through tough practices in the pool together with racing strategies and the mental preparation before Championships. Deniz has helped my daughter become the best swimmer possible and I’m so grateful that we were able to find him and work with him a few years ago – and looking forward for several more to come!

We had coach Deniz come out for a 2-day clinic. We discussed the trends and the most important training principles to incorporate outside of the pool to have the best success inside the pool. We were very impressed with what Deniz presented to us. Not only did he speak with the swim & dive coaching staff, he also our trainer, team physician and our Head Olympic Strength Coach – all with very good information. We focused mostly on injury prevention, but also on how we make our swimmers and divers stronger outside the water and how we transfer that power in to the water later on. We finished up mapping out a seasonal plan and how we can optimize the training during certain times of the year. This information will definitely have an impact on what you do outside of the water.

Swimming is all about consistently executing high skills with great power outputs in a fatigued state.
Swimming Speed = Stroke Length x Stroke Rate
Any swimmer can manipulate their tempo in the water. Strength training improves stroke length.

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