Dryland Workshops & Seminars

Are you a coach looking to mix things up to make your swimmers faster and healthier?

We reverse engineer our talks based on what you want to learn about the most and fixing your weaknesses.

Timing is everything.

We understand that each coach and each team will have their own unique challenges - our job is to help you identify them, then tackle them with science-backed training principles.

Have you had enough injuries to set your swimmers back in training and limit their performance?

Our simple training philosophy is to increase power output while reducing risk of injury.

We do that by:

Perfecting the way we move.

 Becoming more Mindful.

Making the Right Choices. 

Swimmers are not known to be efficient and smooth creatures on land. Oftentimes because they have not been taught, or been placed in an environment to explore. Joint movement can be likened to the flow of traffic on a highway. If the body is tense and has limited ability to move freely, causing the signals from the brain to the muscles to be impaired. As a result, we end up moving slower and less efficiently -- like a traffic jam. But once the road clears, the ride will be smooth and uninterrupted.

By becoming more mindful - aware - of how the body is feeling and how the mind is able to manipulate movement patterns, the more success we’ll have in the pool. Injuries will reduce and no longer be obstacles. Training adaptations will be amplified.

Knowing what movements to do, at what time of the year, in what order, during which mesocycle on top of planning for full swimming seasons and practices is excruciating. Teaching swimmers how to make the right dietary and recovery choices is oftentimes overlooked - we help you strategize to find ways to solve this issue with your swimmers.

Are your swimmers getting bored with the same dryland routine?

Based on your budget, we offer shorter 1-day Seminars or Weekend Workshops.

Now offering team webinars


Request a workshop or seminar with Swimmer Strength and Coach Deniz.

Please provide us with the following contact and meeting information:

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