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Who We Are

We embody high-performance training for the swimming community, striving to positively evolve the modern dryland environment.

We are data driven and use sport science to guide us with each athlete and team to ensure the best results and minimal risk of injuries.

We make swimmers holistically athletic; strength, power, range of motion, recovery, and the mental game.

We aim to bring our Swimmer Strength community nothing but the best to give you the most value.

Head Coach & Lead Sport Scientist

Deniz Hekmati, MS, CSCS, USAW-1

Welcome to Swimmer Strength – the only platform in the world to provide all the absolute necessities of high-performance training for the aquatic athlete. Here, we teach swimmers to use their bodies as instruments, to preserve their bodies, and to make them as explosive and fast as possible in relation to swimming performance.


High-Performance Training:

Taking into account all physiological aspects of performance and life to reach the most optimal athletic performance and excellence.  

Swimmers We've Impacted

César Cielo Filho


2013 World Championships:

50-meter freestyle – Gold

50-meter butterfly – Gold  

University of Utah


Pac-12 Division 1 Varsity Swimming & Diving Team

Lead strength coach for 70+ athletes yearly. 

Aided in program growth; multiple 1st time NCAA qualifiers & school record breaking years. 

Age Group, High-School, Masters, and Pros

What Others Are Saying

It’s angels like you and Swimmer Strength that have made our paths easier to restore our belief in the good of people.

Noel Tan

Swim Dad | Arizona Training

Our son began the swimmer distance-training program from Florida with Deniz in the summer before his senior year in high school. The program began with a Facetime session with all of us in which Deniz discussed Swimmer Strength and how he believed the program would benefit our son. We were immediately impressed by Deniz’s knowledge and enthusiasm, as well as his experience as a swimmer at Arizona State University, strength training coach for the University of Utah swim and dive teams, and his new company Swimmer Strength.

 Our original goal was for our son to get advanced dry-land and focused strength training from a certified trainer who specialized in training high-level swimmers.  We imagined this training would serve two main objectives:  add a level of intensity to his swim club dry-land training; and, familiarize him with high-level and intense strength training which would provide for a smooth transition to the rigors of strength training at the collegiate level.  What our son received from the training was so much more. 

Deniz develops a program specifically for each athlete, considering the athlete’s level of strength development, meet schedule and progression.  All parents have seen good days and bad days of dry-land training and I can assure you your athlete will only have good days with Swimmer Strength.  Deniz sends the athlete exercises each week with links to videos on technique and method as well as rep and set instructions.  He checks in with the athlete each week to discuss the past week’s exercises as well as any upcoming meets or training conflicts, and sends out the next week’s exercises the next day.  This weekly check-in is an amazing part of the program as it keeps the athlete on track in his training and keeps him motivated to work hard as Deniz is always there checking in on him.

During a visit to Phoenix, our son was able to attend a training session with Deniz at his Mesa gym and his one-on-one, hands-on experience was outstanding.  I was able to meet Deniz and observe him guiding and instructing our son through several exercises as well as some testing to evaluate his improvements over the past year. Again, the passion and expertise Deniz brings to his athletes is extremely instructional and inspirational.

After our son entered college and began the rigors of college strength training, he confirmed with us his time with Swimmer Strength was extremely beneficial in preparing him for this next level of training.  His weekly training with Deniz taught him the form, technique and goal of each exercise, which has helped him to fully understand exactly how he should be doing the exercises with proper technique, form and range of motion to maximize gains while preventing any risk of injury.  The mental coaching Deniz provided during the training was also greatly beneficial to our son by providing him some of the tools needed to manage the increased workload, stress and expectations associated with swimming at the Division I level.

Jerry Hill

Swim Dad | Online Training

Deniz came into our son’s life last summer.  To be honest we had been following Deniz on social media and were very impressed.  Our plan was to have
Our son work with Deniz when he was a little older.  As fate would have it; Finn acquired a shoulder injury.  We contacted Deniz, knowing strength work would help.
Our hiring Deniz has proven to be one of the best decisions made as a parent.  Finn is growing stronger, but not just physically.  He is gaining both physical and emotional strength.  He is also gaining an awareness of his personal responsibility is the success in  life; both in the pool and out of the pool.  
The shoulder injury started a very tough time in Finn’s mental wellness.  After working with Deniz so many good things have been unfolding.   We have a 13 year old that is gaining confidence, happy and looking forward to many more success. 
Polly Wirum

Swim Mom | Arizona Training

When you’re in a rut in your training, when you’re not seeing the results you think you should be seeing, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “What do I, as a coach, need to change to see improvements in my swimmers progress?”

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Deniz. I saw him give a presentation to a Division 1 swim team and I was highly impressed with his knowledge of swimming and his knowledge of connecting out of the pool work with the in the pool necessities of a swimmer.

We implemented a lot of the stretches, mobility exercises, and strengthening exercises into our program this summer with our Senior level swimmers. It made a huge difference! Improved flexibility. Greater length of stroke. Stronger and more stable core. And a lot of fast swimming!

I am so grateful for being able to implement the Swimmer Strength program into our daily routine. It’s a way to make sure your swimmers are understanding that swimming in the water isn’t the only way to get better. If you are doing the correct things outside the water that connects to improving thing in the water, results will definitely come.

Brent Random

Head Coach, Greater Toledo Aquatic Club | Workshop

Being an online client with swimmer strength has elevated not just my swimming times, but my knowledge for strength training. Deniz has the unique ability to make you feel like his own client when he has numerous. I have never felt more explosive off the block offs in my life. All credit is due to Deniz & Swimmer Strength.

David Newman

Online Swimmer

Swimmer Strength specializes in using a blend of science and art that is centered on the Swimmer. By taking time through discussions and baseline testing, Deniz is able to apply specific components and a detailed plan to the athletes training plan and racing schedule to build a foundation of strength to meet and exceed goals in the pool.

Understanding and determining what level of “dryland” and strength training for age group swimmers can be overwhelming and at times frustrating. Swimmer Strength provides clarity through applied principles of science and experience as a swimmer and coach to athletes at all levels of competition and ability.

Swimmer Strength / Deniz Hekmati’s application of science and biomechanics is a valuable component for the committed swimmer. Deniz does not apply a cookie cutter program to your swimmer, but a detailed strategic plan to ensure success.  He spends a significant amount of time first talking with the swimmer to understand their strengths, weaknesses and more importantly them as an individual.  Finding a specialized coach that has been a high level swimmer and coach that is centered on building the foundations of strength and injury prevention for an athlete is rare.  Too many times you find a strength coach or fitness coach that has zero knowledge of swimming or or how to apply exercises to the complex training regimen and biomechanics of swimming.  You are left with programs that are stale and have no specific application for swimming, thus resulting in minimal or no success.  We have had the opportunity for our oldest son (D1 athlete) and youngest (age group swimmer) to work with Deniz, this has helped both of them attain and surpass goals in and out of the pool. 

Deniz has a unique ability to work with athletes at all levels and ages to make a significant impact on their success.  He applies athlete specific exercises to enhance strengths and correct weaknesses while also incorporating injury prevention exercises. Deniz has first-hand knowledge as an elite swimmer himself, this enables him to build a plan centered on the biomechanics of swimming and stroke specific requirements.  Deniz provides clarity to the confusing list and theories of strength and dryland training to set you a part from the competition.

Bobby Lewis

Swim Dad | Online Training

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