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Your abdominal muscles are more than just the glorified “6-pack,” which seems to be the end goal product for a vast majority of coaches and swimmers. In fact, definition of the 6-pack – rectus abdominis (RA) muscle – tells very little about the strength or stability of an individual...

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As described in Swimmer’s Shoulder, Parts 1 and 2, the shoulder is prone to repetitive overuse injuries in swimmers, especially due to internal rotation of the humerus while elevated above the head. This post will offer suggestions for preventative measures and corrective therapy. It is..

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As mentioned in Swimmer’s Shoulder, Part 1, internal rotation in arm elevation (palms facing up or away from you during arm recovery) does not allow for the greater tubercle of the humerus to clear the acromion process. To accommodate, many swimmers slightly dislocate their shoulders..

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