Our proven blueprint will propel you towards identifying how you can provide the most impact to swimmers by streamlining your dryland training expertise and delivering it effectively to those craving improvement in the water!


    I know how to run great dryland practices, but planning takes too long. I wish there was a quicker and simpler way to organize workouts.

      I'm passionate about improving my coaching skills to better support my swimmers, but I often find myself unsure and lacking the experience to know what steps to take next.

        Our team's dryland workouts have become dull, and it's showing in our swimmers. We need something to reignite our energy and enthusiasm

          Recurring injuries are cutting into our swimmers' pool time and creating uncertainty about their futures. We need a solution to this problem.

            I've been recycling similar dryland routines, and my swimmers are losing interest. I need a resource to inspire creativity and engagement

              Money isn’t my main concern; I just want to discover the best way to provide top-notch dryland training for our Swim Club. I'm just uncertain about the best approach.

                I've attended dryland seminars and used existing resources to educate myself, but I still feel like there are gaps. I need a complete resource that covers all aspects of dryland training.

                I know how to run great dryland practices, but planning takes too long. I wish there was a quicker and simpler way to organize workouts.

                  We need something to reignite our energy and enthusiasm.

                  YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

                  AND HERE IS THE TRUTH
                  No matter how good of a coach you are, no matter how many championships you want to win, no matter the impact you want to have on your swimmers, none of it will matter without a robust foundation of dryland training structure in your team.

                  WHAT’S DRYLAND TRAINING?

                  Simply put, it’s all the training conducted outside of the pool; it’s the additional regimen aimed at unlocking swimmers’ true potential.

                  Training and exercises are performed on land to complement the swimming practice.

                  Dryland training is performed by 83-93% of swimmers between ages 11 and 18 years.

                  Dryland training aims to physically prepare the swimmers’ to the demands of swimming, which to name a few includes strength, power, flexibility, stability, and coordination.

                  Dryland training looks different and varies based on the training space, geo-location, social and club culture, available equipment, and group sizes.

                  The most common training exposures are: 1) Core, 2) legs, and 3) shoulder care.

                  Yet, by the time swimmers turn 18 years, 40-90% experience shoulder pain that can feel crippling while limiting their performance.

                  Strategic dryland training implementation can decrease injuries by 15% in a season.

                  However, dryland training can lead coaches to overcomplicate, lose creativity when it’s crucial, doubt themselves, and question their chosen path.

                  It takes trial and error, it takes an open-mindset, it takes patience, and it takes a community of people that you trust and it takes commitment to a process that is tried and true.

                  A process you now have access to…


                  Our proven blueprint for helping you give your swimmers the best possible training by simplifying your dryland principles.

                  Dryland Simplified paves your way ahead.

                  Your map that helps you get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

                  It’s the key to create dryland workouts with ease, enjoy doing it, excel doing it, and seamlessly fit it into your swim season. 

                  It’s the secret to effortlessly creating effective, creative, and enjoyable dryland workouts that complement your swimming training.

                  The strategies we share inside ensure that you will get a clear picture of how to pick exercises, sets, and reps based on your own constraints. 

                  You will no longer feel caught off guard or unprepared when you run your dryland workouts. 

                  When put into action, the information on each module serves as the antidote to the uncertainty we feel when workouts don’t feel perfect or are run smoothly. 

                  If you’re already on a path you feel confident about, this is the how-to guide to help you to become the go-to-dryland-team in your city.

                  And the only way to evolve is to begin.

                  My name is Deniz Hekmati.

                  I’ve authored the acclaimed book, Foundations of Strength Training for Swimmers, with thousands of copies sold worldwide.

                  I’ve produced a podcast that garnered over ten thousand downloads within its inaugural year. 

                  I’ve formulated a distinct training philosophy in an underreached field, evolving it into a successful enterprise.

                  It wasn’t easy, and I’ve failed a lot. 

                  Doing so provided me with invaluable lessons that I now share with coaches and leaders around the world so they can overcome their obstacles that hold them back. So that they can create the team culture they want on their terms. 

                  Dryland Simplified is a curated collection of the lessons I’ve learned and the strategies I’ve accrued- a toolkit to help people at all stages of their careers clarify what makes them unique and transform that superpower into something tangible.

                  Over the last 10 years, I’ve helped thousands of swimmers and coaches.

                  And now I want to help you.


                  WHAT’S INCLUDED


                  Our course material is developed for swimming clubs who want to help equip their swimming coaches with the best dryland tools to succeed.

                  No! It does not matter if you are a parent, head coach, assistant coach, age-group coach, or any sort of performance coach. 

                  Dryland Simplified is for anyone who is either coaching dryland training for swimmers or is interested in getting into coaching more dryland than swimming within a club team structure. 

                  If you ever desired to make a larger impact and sharpen your skills as a dryland coach for swimmers, Dryland Simplified is for you.

                  No! Dryland Simplified is designed to fit any coach that is working with swimmers on land. Specifically, dryland training. 

                  It doesn’t matter at what age or stage you are in your coaching profession. If you are ready to take your own expertise to the next level, we’ll meet you where you’re at. Our content is laid out so that the simplest age-groupers all the way up to the seasoned Olympians can benefit from it.

                  Our progress and information is inclusive no matter age, gender, ethnicity, or experience level in the industry.  

                  Yes! We have tested and proved Dryland Simplified in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Our students are having tremendous success.

                  This course is designed to help you work around your major constraints, whether they are group size, space, age-group, and equipment. This will help you think outside the box, because no one knows your team and group better than you.

                  We understand that most coaches are incredibly busy, trying to make ends

                  meet or to spend extra time with family and friends. Most coaches don’t

                  have an abundance of free time or endless financial resources either! What sets them apart is how they prioritize and commit to continuous improvement. We are real people with real families and commitments, so we designed Dryland Simplified so you can work through it even if you are hard-pressed for time.


                  You can go at your own speed. It doesn’t matter what your schedule looks like, if you can set aside 2 hours per week, you’ll be able to work through it.


                  And if you can’t start right away due to other commitments, you can reserve your spot and start when you are ready. 


                  This is not a live course and you won’t “get behind” if you have to miss a day. Each module is pre-recorded and is conveniently available online inside our training portal. You can login whenever you want, at your own time, and on your own schedule.

                  Dryland Simplified is not just an online course, it’s a toolkit- a collection of strategies and activities designed to help you go from where you are to where you want to be. 

                  To date, there is no course that differentiates strength training to dryland training in the swimming world. These are two very distinct topics and serve very different purposes. 

                  Whereas some swim coaches are involved with designing strength programs for swimmers, nearly all coaches do some sort of dryland training within their groups.  

                  Instead of endless slides, fluff and busywork, Dryland Simplified will equip you with the knowledge you need and then help you put it into practice immediately. 

                  If you are seeking more clarity of how to dive deeper into dryland training and organize your own knowledge, Dryland Simplified will help you get there. 

                  Yes! The club will automatically get access to educate and certify 2 coaches within the club. Any additional coach to be certified will cost the club an additional $95.

                  Each coach must pass a written open-book exam online in order to receive
                  the certification. If the student fails the exam, it can be retaken for free
                  once. Fees for added attempts are $50.

                  No. We are closely communicating with the National Strength and Conditioning Association to potentially include CEU’s for personal trainers (CPT) or strength coaches (CSCS) in the near future.

                  If you have any problem accessing the course, you can email us at
         to get help.

                  Yes! You have the option to break up your investment into 6 payments of $95.

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