Frequently Asked Questions

In order for you to succeed with either, you must maintain a high level of accountability and motivational drive to get better. 

The library gives you all of our exercises, workout, and tips on how to succeed on your own and improve your exercise library and creativity. On the other hand, the personalized training gives you access to the app Bridge Tracker with a custom built training program for you based on your training age, experience, gender and available equipment. Clients with personalized virtual coaching will also have access to the library.

This depends on who you are as a person and how long you have been training. Based on our numbers, you must improve ~20% in vertical jumping power to see a 2-4% time drop in the water. The more advanced the swimmer is, the less the time drops are in the water.

In 2020, all Swimmer Strength athletes averaged a time drop of 2.7% from their 2019 times. Between 2018 and 2019, the average time drops were 3.4%. Swimmers have qualified for Olympic Trials, World and European Championships and became first-time State Champions. 

Communication, relationships and sound training principles. We understand that we are working with humans and that life does not always go according to plan. Life is complex and so is performance. We make a conscious effort to create a genuine relationship with our clients. Then, our methods of training include: functional strength training, weightlifting, gymnastics and greatly inspired by the Triphasic Training methods by Cal Dietz. Our programs are custom built based on each individual and team. We prioritize movement technique and efficiency. We analyze and track performance over time and communicate results. The programs are highly adaptable; if there is an unforeseen injury or vacation with changed exercise equipment, the program adjusts based on the communication the coach receives from the swimmer. We have a 30-day money back guarantee. We are result oriented. Whatever your goal is – we support and guide you with the absolute best training with the latest applicable science principles.

After applying and discussing your training experience and available training equipment over the phone, you will receive your first training phase: functional training base. That phase is wrapped up with both movement assessments and strength tests using the body weight only – unless you are a professional swimmer with already high levels of experience. Your future training phases are planned out based on when your Championship competition will take place. From there, we reverse engineer the training cycles to bring you the best training ingredients. We give you the absolute best ingredients to succeed. It is up to you to make the dinners. Perfect practice makes perfect. 

No. Just like with swimming, there is always risk of getting hurt with strength training. The injury rates greatly depend on overall movement mechanics and readiness with a particular exercise or load. We make a conscious effort to give you movements you are able to perform and gently progress you into more advanced programming. As long as you do your best to pay attention to the way you move and do something about your weak links, you will minimize your risk of ending up with a severe injury. Our exercise platform coaches you through all movement to help you avoid costly mistakes. The virtual coaching experience includes either more stability or mobility work for you, depending on how you are built and in turn ensures safer practice.