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Shape Your Future

Let our World-Class Strength Training help Enhance your Speed and Performance, Minimize Risks for Injury, and Achieve Superior Results.

Boosted Confidence

Seeing progress and achieving goals instills a sense of confidence in swimmers, both in and out of the pool

Personalized Attention

Individualized coaching provides personalized attention and feedback, fostering a strong coach-athlete relationship and promoting accountability.

Flexible Training Schedule

Remote coaching allows swimmers to train at their own pace and convenience, fitting workouts into their busy lives.

Workouts in Your Hands

State-of-the-art technology that delivers programs and tracks progress via smartphones or tablets

Increased Strength and Powe

Tailored training programs focus on building functional strength and enhancing power, helping swimmers achieve their peak performance.

Reduced Risk of Injuries

Expert guidance and exercise demonstrations ensure proper technique, minimizing the likelihood of injuries during training.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Physical activity and goal-oriented training can act as a natural stress reliever, promoting overall mental well-being.

Improved Nutritional Habits

Introduction to a more mindful and well-balanced dietary approach, based on current habits or challenges.

Empowerment and Self-Discovery

Overcoming challenges and pushing limits through remote coaching can lead to a profound sense of self-empowerment and discovery.

Long-Term Health Benefits

Regular training contributes to overall fitness and health, supporting long-term well-being beyond results in the pool.

Passion and Love for Swimming

Rediscovering the joy and passion for swimming while achieving new heights can reignite swimmers’ love for the sport.

Take Gracen in Tennessee for instance, gearing up for her Senior high-school season she has been getting personalized strength programs now second year running. Within that year, she dropped 3,9% in her LCM 100m backstroke equivalent to over 2.5s drop; another 3.6% (4.5s) in her 200m backstroke; and nearly 4s, 2.6% drop in her 200m IM. She does all of her training at her home gym; plenty to learn the basics with the barbell and dumbbells while strengthening her upper body.
Or take Aiden in contrast, who trains at a local gym with full equipment in six months has been able to elevate his LCM 50m freestyle time with 6.9% and over 1.5 to go under 23.5 and shatter his previous personal records.

The list goes on..

Fallon in Oregon was with us ever since she was in her recovery phase after a left bicep tendon tear during a LCM 400 IM race, until she went to swim D1 in college for Iowa State University. In those four years of training together, 1 year in-person and 3 years virtual, we were able to keep her shoulder from becoming a distraction and saw continued progress over a longer span while avoiding major performance plateaus.
Or Rachel in Jacksonville, Florida, who currently wakes up at 4:45 three days per week to get a lift in her family garage weight room before school begins. She struggled going under 59s in the 100 fly SCY, now easily going 56s in season and also a committed D1 swimmer to Duquesne University.

Inspiring You to Reach Your Goals & Dreams

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